Corktopia harnesses an intersection of production and play to create a new form of societal condition through an interwoven ecosystem of material circularity and community resources.

Cork serves as the material focus for this circular system. Its range of environmental benefits as well as underexplored adaptations produces an opportunity for experimentation in the adaptive reuse of the Red Hook Grain Terminal, primarily on the ground floor as its first point of access.

The project imagines the production and manufacturing of cork products, enables reuse of its byproducts and waste, and deploys a system of cork groundscapes, partitions, and objects as the framework for building a layered community infrastructure that can coexist with manufacturing in NYC.

Program  |  Industrial, Recreation [Adaptive Reuse]
|  Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY
Date  |  Fall 2023, GSAPP Advanced V Studio

Critics  |  Ruth Mandl and Bobby Johnston, CO Adaptive

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