ENTANGLED INTUITIONS, Collective Reciprocity

When bodies interact, they become entangled with each other, with space—with a range of orientations. Where does the body begin and where does it end? Through a four-pronged performance sequence on a stairway in Avery Hall, we sought to explore the possibilities of the body as a representation of physical and relational augmentation, transience, and collectivity.

“Entangled Intuitions, Collective Reciprocity” engaged both its participants and viewers, primarily grounded in concepts and influences from Phenomenal Bodies and Queering Bodies theory. The performance was ultimately an experiment in demonstrating and investigating the relationships between a network of intuitions with material and spatial amplification.

Location  |  Avery Hall, Columbia GSAPP
Category  |  Performance
Date |  Fall 2023

Team  |  Kelvin Lee, Rilka Li, Erisa Nakamura, Vincent Yang
Professor  |  Bryony Roberts, Bryony Roberts Studio

[1: The Body as Extension]






[2: The Body as Material, Morphing]

[3: The Body as Collective Learning]

[4: The Body as Weighted Reciprocity, Shared]



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