︎ 1x white powder coated steel item, maybe part of a baby rocker or crib, found discarded
︎ 10’ of wire found on the ground while metal grinding
︎I began with a cut, a slice, with the angle grinder, revealing the object’s innards. What was originally tarnished and the marks I was creating began to speak to each other as the object folded in on itself, appendages dangling but clinging. I take one bend too far and an arm is amputated. What should I do with this escaped piece? Wire is found and the exercise becomes one of weaving, of insertion and the hope for suspension. Be careful, sharp elbows.

︎ 1 cotton queen sized bed duvet cover
︎ 5 cotton dress shirts from my past life that I haven’t touched since January 2020. Three of them still have their dry cleaner tag
︎ Twist and twist and twist, placing my foot or knee on one end to prevent unraveling. The fabric starts twisting inward, I weave it through an opening, keep twisting some more, and contain it by buttoning one sleeve to another. Dress shirt sleeves are already annoying to button, this was even more strenuous.

Category  |  Objects
Date |  Fall 2023

Critics  |  Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano, LOT-EK 



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