This project honors networks of support—past and present. The New Guinea free Black community that existed on this site just north of Poughkeepsie, NY is memorialized through a transitional housing community and health center for queer, homeless youth of color that serves as an extension of the River Haven Youth Shelter at Hudson River Housing.

Formally, the project explores shifting forms of vision through a language of the canopy as transition and roofing. The canopies shift and extend to create moments of indoor-outdoor use.

The duality of the memorial and transitional housing function to honor the former, current, and future networks of support for marginalized communities. The dichotomous relationship between the two components of the project acts as a form of potential visibility for youth, while fostering trust and giving them the privacy, care, and sanctuary that they deserve. Notions of the balance between vision and safety are key components of this memorial and sanctuary.

Program  |  Memorial, Transitional Housing
|  Hyde Park, Dutchess County, NY
Date  |  Spring 2023, GSAPP Advanced IV Studio

Critic  |  Nina Cooke John, Studio Cooke John





1’=1/8” transitional housing chunk model

1’=1/8” transitional housing chunk model


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