Don’t kids just want to belong? Or feel like they can do or be whatever they want? Unlike the typically homogenous and herding NYC public school, everyone can find a place for themselves here. This school concept empowers the spaces and children that are typically neglected by creating intentional moments for respite and pause.

Through leftover spaces occurring at the building and classroom scales, the school creates opportunities for privacy while maintaining communal transitions and larger spaces for multipurpose use with flexible furniture. Classrooms are organized into groupings by year that surround inner courtyards or auxiliary nooks and terraces. The broader community is able to access external moments of respite on the ground level.

Program  |  K-8 School
Site  |  Lower East Side, Manhattan, NYC
Date  |  Spring 2022, GSAPP Core II Studio

Critic  |  Benjamin Cadena, Studio Cadena


     1’=1/32” site model

1’=1/8” spatial concept model (using wood scraps)        


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