Ways of Being is a conceptual exploration of disability in design and architecture through the lens of a disabled artist residency in Copenhagen. Disabled space is a layered but non-hierarchical network of mutual support for expression and adornment of identity. It is an abundance of comfort that empowers the bodies and minds of the counter-normative individual and collective.

Disabled space re-thinks the positive potentials of a fragmented environment in which soft forms of occlusion allow for individual needs to be met. Simultaneously, the creation of scales of interdependence produces a network of resources that spans the broader community.

Over time, the community adorns itself through vestiges from artists who pass through the residency, cultivating a counter-normative archive through shared culture making. “Healing” is not the objective. As the space transmutes, the accumulation of opacities will eventually deteriorate and evolve. New and varied forms of representation and experience are a priority in this project.

Program  |  Artist Residency
|  Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
Category  |  Academic [GSAPP, Spring 2024]

Critics  |  Irina Verona and Jennifer Carpenter (Verona Carpenter), with Jerron Herman




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